RUNNING (a) [ ruhn-ing ] the independent act of a person to move. FREE (a) [ fr-ee ] exempt from authorities, restrictions, a person’s own will & choice..

We find ourself running free on a white sand beach, next to the foaming shore break and in a deep jungle of palmtrees. Inspired by this freedom - I call my new collection ‘running free’ . My forever love for handcraft and minimalist design is embracing all feelings of our island life. Celebrating the beauty of independency and slow living mood, every single piece with its organic shapes, unique textures & earthy colors is handmade - closely aligned with our nature. Blessed to support our local artisans with their beautiful handcraft in Bali, our slow fashion collection is ethically made out of unique natural, hand dyed and handprinted fabrics..
This season I created some limited handloom goodies for you, too. A design that leans fully into simplicity and quality. My thoughts of less of everything is freedom for me personally. .
Running Free is - more than ever - a lifestyle and movement in the world. Enjoy our summer collection while we have lost ourself in Bali - where dreams and reality become one.