slow fashion meets slow living


MYSAYANG means my love  [what we believe in]

We believe in happiness based on the simplicity of life. Inspired by the Balinese people’s daily example of living slow, we bring this into our slow fashion which reflects freedom and living aligned with nature for us.

We believe in authenticity and the greatness of being brave in your own journey and not fearing the necessity of change. We are living our core values being with nature, being independent and creating, inspired by the elements of the earth, water and the sky. We are proud to feel like the “black free sheep” in this fast and superficial world by escaping the ordinary.

We believe in trust and loyalty. We embrace a world without clusters, but equality in every part of our lives and honoring the process of maturity by long-term connections with our “MYSAYANG  family” - our tailors, friends, customers & doggies.

MYSAYANG means my love  [how we show up]

Love that is reflected in every single step by hundreds of hours from the birth of a new sustainable collection till the shipping worldwide to your home. Designed by Anya, working as the creative director of Marc O’ Polo for 12 years, and now the founder and creative heart of our slow fashion brand - nestled on the west coast of the island of gods - BALI.

Love that reveals itself in the living personality of natural fabrics, simple lines, the timeless range of our own hand-dyed colors and our natural stone wash finishing. Merging with the matching pieces and our high standard quality of only natural fabrics, your MYSAYANG style will dress you endless seasons and will “grow” with you.

Love that creates social responsibility and supports our 20 local home tailor families in Bali and all our helping hands - like for example - our coconut & cotton farm in Java - the little sister island of Bali.

Love that always aims for new sustainable and better ways of production and distribution, such as hand loom fabrics, made without any use of electricity. We do one size fits, cause we don’t wanna cluster our bodies in sizes. Most pieces are unisex, all goodies are long-term wearable looks for humans and our pieces are made to order. 

Love that embraces that we are ruled by the raw beauty of nature and surrounded by an amazing smart ecosystem that needs us to take care of how we show up, how we treat and save it and what we leave behind.

MYSAYANG means my love  [what we love to do]  

Love that dresses humans with unique, comfy, handmade and cozy pieces and goodies.  

Love that makes your soul touched by the softness and natural feel of our fabrics, being at ease and connected to your senses. Imagining getting grounded by walking along our uncrowded black lava sand beaches.

Love that feels like the vibrant energy spreaded by the Balinese temples, the magical palm trees moving to the wind and the sun blazing above the sea.

Love that embraces every human, who is chasing living slow on this earth to feel the softness of the world and join us - the island people - by the maturity of feel and love.

Love for getting lost with us in our Bali mood, wherever you are now in this world: Choose freedom. Choose happiness. Choose slowing down. Be in the now. Be love. BE MYSAYANG.


ABOUT ANYA  [ the founder and creative ] 

There was a time when Marc O’Polo gave me a home to my inner values like freedom, passion and sustainability. I traveled the world as a creative director and worked with up to 35 humans in my team.

Then there was this huge earthquake in Tokyo 2011, during a business trip, that finally woke me up to my reality - years after starting this working chapter. 

There was this one time in New York, I walked into a shopping center with hundreds of meters on Sale collections & just one thought popped up in my head: “Who is buying all this fast fashion bulk? It's gonna need to stop.".

I stopped working for Marc O’ Polo and kept traveling the world for 1,5 years. This time only for myself. Rooted in Munich, Germany, lastly stranded in Bali and finding my new home on the island of gods.

Here I created our MYSAYANG studio - my hidden gem - surrounded by black sand lava beaches, the highest palm trees and ruled by the raw beauty of nature. Nestled on the undiscovered west coast of Bali, and yet untouched by any crowds, I started designing all the goodies by myself and producing them by supporting our local artisans on the island.

What started with some single collection pieces for myself and friends, became my slow fashion island brand MYSAYANG, which now can be purchased by you in our online shop and selected stores worldwide.

Embracing my life changing moments, I stand 100% behind every single step from the initial design idea till shipping it into your hands. All pieces are only made to order and therefore we honor the resources of mother earth and invite you to return to the joy of slow living.

With MYSAYANG, established in 2017, I found my way back to my passion to work creative & design looks that never follow a trend. Every MYSAYANG collection is inspired by our nature in Bali, combined with the contrast of the pulsating energy of big cities, like some of my favorites Bangkok and Tokyo including my love for Europe. 

I committed to stay true to all my core values in fashion and my own lifestyle: 

Respecting the concept of sustainability and social responsibility  [ to keep the beauty of nature, culture, handcraft and diversity ] 

Being authentic  [ what I create and how I show up ] 

Living my best version & passion  [ I believe that’s the real life purpose ] 

Staying true to the essence - Less is more  [ keeping our brand promises ]

Love for simplicity - Simple and plain  [ enable all senses to be here and now ] 

Taught and inspired by nature  [ feeling so blessed to live next to the beach, and having the joy of raw nature every morning during my beach walks with Spoty, my rescued dog, or the early morning surf ]

Freedom in my choice  [ to do what I love, when and how ]  

MYSAYANG is solely in my hands, and says a clear no to mass production, to keep my core values alive. That’s what it is named for … MY LOVE.

If you could see the world through my eyes only for a little glimpse today, by feeling inspired by my story & hopefully finding your soul purpose in life, I feel happy to share my journey with you.

x, Anya  & Spoty

Anja - mysayang