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Our new collection is called Wabi Sabi. It is a lifestyle and attitude that celebrates the beauty of imperfection. Typical characteristics of the modern Wabi Sabi aesthetic include organic shapes, rough textures, earthy colors, simple styling and a sense of authenticity. It's closely aligned with the appreciation of nature and simplicity in everything. My forever love for handmade and minimalist pieces is embracing this Japanese con- cept perfectly.I feel blessed to support our local artisans with their beautiful handcraft in Bali. Our slow fashion collection is ethically made out of natural fab- rics. The reason I am so passionate about Wabi Sabi is how it makes me feel. It is a design & lifestyle that leans fully into the celebration of simplicity, quality and the acceptance of nature -- the rawness of life. My thought of less of everything is freedom for me. Wabi Sabi is more than a fashion trend & lifestyle, it’s a way of living. Enjoy wabi sabi by MYSAYANG. Anya x